Tír Chonaill select Strong Team for National League Final 


This evening, Tír Chonaill AC announced a strong and fit team for Sunday weeks National League Finals. It was good to see team captain Marie Rooney back to full fitness following a recent accident and leading the team in the Walks discipline where she has been an impressive scorer for the club during the past decade.


International and multi discipline athletes Mary McLoone and Geraldine Stewart will lead the points charge in the throws and jumps while the return of Michelle Harvey from Australia, where she has been making the headlines throughout the past six months and Letterkenny guest Joanne English will give the middle distance area a timely boost. The return to form of former under age High Jump champion, Catherine Harvey and the mastering of a new discipline –the Pole Vault –by Elizabeth McIntyre plus the inclusion of top juveniles Aoife O’Connor and Letterkenny’s Lisa Shields will give the jumps, sprints and short relay a competitive edge.


In addition to Geraldine Stewart in the throws Ethna McLoone and Catherine Harvey will contest for valuable points in the Hammer and Discus.


The reserves announced on this formidable squad include Shelly Roper and Sharon McGowan -middle distance - and Kitty O’Kennedy, Hurdles and Relay. 


Team Captain, Marie Rooney, following the selection indicated "It’s a very strong team with great experience in throws, jumps, middle distance and hurdles. Provided we compete to our abilities we will be expecting a top three finish. We realise that there will be less than five or six points between the top three teams at the end of the day"


The team is managed by former 2003 Tír Chonaill National League winning member and International athlete Jackie Harvey. She is confident that the team is as strong as the historic 2003 squad and that the title could go to any one of four clubs, outgoing champions Abbey form Belfast,  Dundrum South Dublin and Cork’s Leevale, with numerous International’s in their panels, are the top three with Tir Chonaill also there with a realistic chance. "We are confident and are not just going to Tullamore to make up the numbers. We have a group of very talented, committed and determined athletes. I am not going to highlight any names in our panel. All have an important role to play in maximising the clubs point total. I would like to thank Letterkenny’s Joanne English and Lisa Shield who are filling our guests requirement and have no doubt that they will add valuable points to our overall score on Sunday evening"


Tír Chonaill AC Woman's Team.pdf

The Team up close.pdf




Aoife O'Connor;


2nd Level Student at the Abbey Vocational School;

St John Bosco;

Winner of numerous Underage Long Jump Medals at National Level;



Catherine Harvey;


Primary Teacher at the Abbey Vocational School;

St John Bosco;

Won numerous Underage Club and School High Jump Titles;



Elizabeth McIntyre;

Pole Vault;

Hotelier and Urban Councillor;

Sacred Heart, Ballyshannon;

an exceptional all round Triathlete, Elizabeth will compete in the Pole Vault;



Ethna McLoone;

Multi Events;


Rosses Community School;

Rosses AC; St John Bosco;

National Under Age Medal Winner in High Jump;



Geraldine Stewart;

Throws/Multi Events;

Health and Fitness Tutor Abbey Vocational School;

St John Bosco;

Numerous Underage National Titles;

International Athlete and former National Shot Putt Champion;



Jackie Harvey;

Team Manager;



Joanne English;


Middle Distance;

University Pharmacy Student;

Loreto College Letterkenny;

Letterkenny AC;

Former Donegal Junior Athlete of the Year and Junior International;



Kitty O'Kennedy;


2nd Level Student Abbey Vocational School;

St John Bosco;

Member of numerous National Winning Relay Teams;

Winner of Medals in the Hurdles at Schools/Clubs at National Level;



Lisa Shields;



2nd Level Student Loreto Letterkenny;

Letterkenny AC;

Lisa is one of the top sprinters in the Under 17 Age Group in Ireland at the moment;



Marie Rooney;

Team Captain;

Walks/Middle Distance;

Bank of Ireland Official;

Sacred Heart, Ballyshannon;

Ballyshannon AC;

Currently one of the top Master Athletes in Ireland – Great Leadership Qualities;



Michelle Harvey;

Middle Distance;

P.E Teacher Abbey Vocational School;

St John Bosco;

Junior CC International;

Ranked in top 10 in Australia 1500m rankings in 2007;



Mary McLoone;

Multi Events;

Primary Teacher Rosses Community School;

Rosses AC; St John Bosco;

Newly Crowned Gold Medal Winner and National Champion in her strongest discipline the Triple Jump;

Holds Numerous National Underage Records;

International Athlete and Donegal Athlete of the Year;



Sharon McGowan;

Middle Distance;

Executive with the Northern Ireland Western Library Board;

Sacred Heart , Ballyshannon;

Top juvenile athlete who has come back into the sport with great success over the past three years;

Secretary of the club;



Shelly Roper;

Middle Distance;

Montisori Teacher;

Sacred Heart, Ballyshannon;

Introduced to the sport by club coach Paddy Donoghue four years ago and has shown massive improvement;



Paddy Donoghue;

Team Coach;



John Cannon;

Club Chairman;



Eamon Harvey;

Team Coach;



David Doherty;

Team Coach;