New Facility Update


The development of the clubs new facilities at the Abbey Vocational School, Donegal Town, took another giant step forward this week. The contractors completed the tartan surfaces which includes a 130m x 6 lane staight; a 1,000m sq metres training area; three long jump/triple jump run ups/pit;a pole vault run and bed; high jump run up and beds; three shot putt circles and a hammer/discus circle/cage. Yesterday the final step began when the contractors sprayed the first coat -- green and red - onto the tartan surfaces. Within the next week a second coat of paint and lines and marking will be added.


Overall the completed facility will cater for the recreational to the evnt specific sports person. The 400m floodlit track,already in use, will cater for the casual walker to the recreational and serious middle and long distance athlete. It will provide a safe and friendly environment and has already attracted large numbers into the fit4life section of our club.


The tartan surfaces training/competition areas will facilitate all track and field disciplines and will be in demand for speed and strength trianing by local and county groups and teams. Finally a 70m x 45 m all weather surfaced area will be very attractive for team sport training and competition. This area will also be equipped to facilitate a 200m , 4 lane track.


In the words of a local enthusiast 'I never thought i would see this project complete - it will be a great asset for the school and the community'.


Basalt being laid down


Black tartin is laid down


130m sprinting straight


Flood lighting complete


Red tartin training area


Shot-put and long-jump areas


Sprinting straignt gets first colouring


Tartin is laid down awaiting colouring


400m training track